Do you feel overwhelmed or paralyzed by life choices and not sure what your next step is?

  • Does it feel hard to know who you are, what you want, or what your purpose is here?

  • Do you find your mind spinning or feel “in your head” and blocked?

  • Do you fear failure or rejection, finding it hard to take risks....but longing to take the next step and grow?

  • Do you tend to be self-critical, feeling chronically “not good enough”? 

  • Do have perfectionistic qualities, wanting things to be just right before sharing? Then…it sometimes never happens?

Many people struggle with anxiety and fear of failure....which makes it difficult to feel confident, or own the strengths we each hold inside....

This anxiety can leave you feeling helpless, frozen, burned out, overwhelmed by choices, and guilty/inadequate. It can also manifest in a sense of being on edge, irritable/angry, powerless, frozen, without voice, reactive, chronically tired, body aches, difficulties with food/nourishment, and turning to substances, food, social media, or work to escape or numb.  

Anxiety and self-doubt is a chronic concern for many young adults/adults due to the overwhelming amount of information, choices, news, and various social pressures present in the modern world. Many of the clients I work with have a strong passion for creating a meaningful life for themselves and others, though sometimes feel as though they are paralyzed by information overload or triggering events. Figuring out what your purpose is, what work will be fulfilling to you, and how to be financially stable in the midst of this can feel like an impossible juggling act. Many have few opportunities to expand or feel safe in exploring this internal complexity.  

Therapy for Anxiety can help you feel more calm in the midst of an overwhelming experience, find increased confidence, and build capacity to tolerate the unknowns of life with greater ease.  

Luckily, anxiety symptoms tend to respond well to counseling and experiential coping skills. These skills and practices support parasympathetic nervous system activation, which allows you to find increased calm and clarity. With this relaxation and resourcing, inner knowledge becomes more accessible. Often clients find initial relief within the first few sessions when they practice these skills.  Ongoing sessions can then deepen the integration and support sustainable self-care or insights that can guide you in future decisions. 

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I’m interested in supporting you in claiming your voice, passion, purpose, and confidence.  I believe that you have a purpose and potential in this world that needs cultivation and support to fulfill. Sessions with me include a combination of practical coping skills (such as cognitive behavioral therapy, values explorations, career counseling informed exploration, motivational interviewing, self-care, and SMART goal setting) along with experiential processes to support deepening, integration, and confidence (such as art therapy, movement based experientials, role play, journaling, and relationship/communication skills practice).  I balance these to support you in connecting with your unique gifts, voice, passions, and dreams.  My goal is to support you in gaining both clarity and confidence in moving forward.

I strive to create a safe place for you to experiment, share your ideas, and make realistic goals related to these ideas. I also use humor, human-ness, real-world application projects, and gentle invitations for you to step beyond your comfort zone when you feel ready to try your new skills.  

You may be wanting to know more about counseling....

I know I’m anxious about things, but is it enough to go to therapy for? Isn’t anxiety or stress just a normal part of life?

I work with a wide range of clients around anxiety.  Some people are interested in personal growth/addressing life transitions and others have more severe clinical anxiety concerns. Therapy can ease the stress of a transition, help avoid a fear-based decision, and generally improve your quality of life. It isn’t necessary to have a clinical diagnosis to work with me. Many of my clients are interested in expanding their potential or confidence. Finding ways to work with, or relieve, anxiety can vastly improve your quality of life- whether or not it is diagnosable. If this sounds interesting to you, I would suggest allowing yourself to explore the possibility. I’m also happy to talk with you about your goals for therapy and give you some personalized feedback about what work with me might look like.

I’m worried about real world problems.... things like social issues, environmental issues, school/professional dynamics, performance reviews, or other state of the world is therapy going to help this?

I see therapy and doing our “inner work” as one way to create the changes we wish to see in the outer world. I help you recognize what is in your control, what isn’t, and how to manage the in-between. We often over-focus either on the external environment or on our own responsibility. I’m interested in supporting you in finding the balance between the two so that you feel more empowered, connected, and effective in the world. Helping you feel more resourced, empowered, and confident is likely to help you then be able to address external concerns with more ease.

Finding inner strength, confidence, and an authentic voice can help relieve anxiety and support external change…

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After working with clients around their anxiety or fears, I have received feedback that they felt safe, grounded, more alert, and more empowered to effect change in their lives. This is in conjunction with an increased sense of self-compassion, radical acceptance, and confidence in navigating life challenges. I also hear people share that they feel supported in being authentic- not needing to conform to a culturally imposed standard in order to thrive. Often, once someone feels supported, resourced, and deeply witnessed in their process- they are able to then connect with their strengths, internal knowledge, and begin to share this more fully in the world around them. Therapy for anxiety is about helping you unlock your own potential and resources!

Interested in getting started or do you have more questions?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect. I offer a complimentary in-person consultation to discuss your unique desires/needs and give you some feedback about what therapy with me might look like. I’m also happy to touch base by phone or email prior to meeting.