Psychotherapy Services

60 minute individual psychotherapy and integrative somatic art therapy counseling sessions are often helpful for individuals doing personal growth and more broad healing work. These sessions are often weekly or bi-weekly, ongoing, and offer opportunity to provide consistent support to those desiring an ongoing therapeutic relationship. These sessions are integrative, meaning pulling from multiple modalities (art therapy, traditional talk therapy, somatic-informed interventions) and span a broad spectrum of concerns that people often want to address.  

Common Focuses in sessions

-Anxiety & Chronic Worry

-Depression- Feeling Blocked or Stuck

-Addiction (process addictions, substance abuse recovery, over-work)

-Expanding Creativity & Connection to Meaning

-Maintaining Recovery from Disordered Eating/Eating Disorders

-Self-Harm & Cutting

-Navigating Privilege, Power, & Differences 

-Self-Criticism & Perfectionism

-Self-Compassion & True Self-Care 

-Self-Growth & Spiritual Concerns

-Trauma/PTSD (See Specialized Trauma Therapy Services in Drop Down Menu for more info)

-LGBTQQIA+ Concerns (common stressors-trauma, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, etc.)